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What is Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping is a process in which you can speed up the syncing of your wallet. This can be for a plethora of uses in which you'd need a full-node. Local QT wallet, masternode "hot" wallets, explorers, etc. Letting the blockchain sync from scratch takes a long time and depending on the machine, upwards of hours. A bootstrap can decrease this time by 90% or more.

  • The bootstrap contains most of the current blockchain in a zip file. Current bootstrap goes to block 302k. From there, your node will sync the remainder of the way.
  • The latest bootstrap uses txindex=1, so for explorers or other apps, this bootstrap will still work for you

How to Use

Before doing ANY changes, modifications or tests to your Genesis wallets, make sure you backup your wallet.dat file and your private key. Please see the Wallets section for more info

Windows, MacOS & Linux GUI

    • Shut down wallet
    • Download the file here
    • Extract to your Genesis support folder
      • Windows default location: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Genesis\main
      • Mac default location: ~/Library/Application Support/Genesis/main
      • Linux default location: /home/YOURUSERNAME/.genesis/main/
    • Restart wallet and let sync

Linux Terminal

  • Shut down wallet and run line by line.
sudo apt install -y unzip # if you don't already have this
sudo unzip -o -d /home/YOURUSERNAME/.genesis/main/ # change for your username assuming default location
  • Restart wallet

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