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This section is to help assist you in setting up Genesis for your project.

Building Genesis

There are many options when building Genesis for your project depending on your platform and goals. Genesis can either be ran through command line interface (CLI) or graphical user interface (GUI). Incorporating RPC/API calls into your project will most likely have you run through CLI.

We prefer utilizing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and support direct static downloads for both. Team support is limited on other "flavors" of Linux/Unix, but visit our forums or Discord for more help!





Running Genesis

  • GUI should be able to start by double clicking the executable
  • genesisd is located in the 'src' folder
    • Start with ./genesisd in src folder.
    • All RPC calls start with ./genesis-cli in the src folder.
    • Linux folder containing wallets and configuration is located in '~/.genesis/'

Software Setup & Misc

Please contact the Genesis team on Discord or the Official Forums with any edits or additions to this page.