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Genesis Network development begins with the blockchain but reaches further out beyond just the cryptocurrency world.

The Genesis blockchain simply delivers the fundamental building blocks to begin allowing the Genesis Network platforms to develop.

Initial Roadmap


  • Website/Forum Implementation (Completed)
    • Genesis launched with a feature rich, mobile friendly website and forum
  • Windows/Linux/Mac Wallets (Completed)
    • Wallets were available for every major OS platform at launch. Allowing for everyone to have an equal opportunity in participating
  • Block Explorer (Completed)
    • Chainmapper provided Genesis with an explorer in the beginning. Allowing for transparency in the very beginning
  • Mining Pools (Completed)
    • PoolOfD23th and NibiruPool were Genesis first two mining pools. The mixture of those two teams along with the Genesis team made the first Equihash mining pools based on Bitcoin Core 0.16.x
  • Launch Paper (Completed)
    • A white paper is based on a technology or product that's been created or developed. Since Genesis is still in it's infancy, the team has a "Launch Paper" in order to give guidance and direction of where the team is going
  • Faucet (Completed)
    • Mass adoption begins with easy and fair distribution for everyone.

Phase 1: Genesis

  • First Exchange Listings (Completed)
    • First exchange listing was TradeSatoshi three days after launch. Followed by EscoDEX, SafeTrade, Raisex & most recently, STEX
  • First Major Airdrops (Completed)
    • The team performed 5 weeks of airdrops for a total of over 1 million $GENX distributed for free
  • Bounty System (Revolving)
    • The bounty system begins with automated Twitter bounties. After implementation of these, bug, development, translation bounties have been available on the official forums. Bitcointalk Signature Bounty is in progress.
  • Web Wallet (Completed)
    • 100% Decentralized Web Wallet based on utilizing raw transactions in which YOU hold the private keys.
  • Paper Wallets (Completed)
    • The Genesis team has provided a paper wallet with Legacy, SegWit & Bech32 Integration.
  • Initial Point-of-Sale Platform R&D (Revolving)
    • Initial research has been conducted. This is constant R&D.

Phase 2: Expansion

  • Proof-of-Stake Implementation (In Progress)
    • The team at Genesis wants to allow for the most robust and secure network available. Proof-of-Stake implementation will also help out with the volatility that’s known to plague cryptocurrencies by offering more incentive to hold.
  • Tier 1 Exchanges (Proposed)
    • As Genesis grows, the knowledge of the team grows as well. Tier 1 exchanges are considerably difficult and often expensive to be listed on. Genesis will continue to work towards goals of being listed on top tier exchanges. Please see the exchanges section of this wiki for more information.
  • Mobile Wallets
    • Mobile wallets open a whole new realm of allowing users to send/receive $GENX and will be an ever-growing base for Genesis Point-of-Sale and payment processing systems
  • Wallet Expansion (In Progress)
    • This phase of the roadmap will look into creating/integrating different types of wallets. Electrum wallets and multi-coin wallets will be researched.
  • Continuation of Point-of-Sale Platform R&D (Revolving)
    • Here the team hopes to have not just a better understanding, but significant strides in developing these systems.
  • Beta Community Voting System
    • Research into different forms of Governance, on an off the blockchain, will begin here.

Phase 3: Upgrading

  • Genesis Masternodes (In Testnet)
    • Masternode implementation will be important for Genesis to help with instant transactions, privacy, security, blockchain voting and governance, and to assist with budgeting. Masternode benefits will further increase the consumer and business demand for Genesis. Genesis Masternodes will be developed in a fashion that is sympathetic towards non-technical users with a simple, and intuitive install process.
  • Block Reward Restructuring
    • This will happen with PoS and Masternode integration. Randomized block rewards for mining will turn into one specific block reward of 500 $GENX. Proof-of-Stake will be variable rewards.
  • Core Wallet Updates
    • This will also happen with PoS and Masternode integration. The team will seek to rebase to the latest bitcoin codebase at this time in order to remain robust and always up-to-date
  • Beta Marketplace & Beta Point-of-Sale Platforms
    • Genesis will look to begin a beta marketplace and seek to incorporate with blockchain payment processors such as CoinPayments, ShapeShift and others. This will help Genesis by allowing more consumers to be exposed to Genesis and purchase items virtually everywhere. These two efforts will substantially grow the liquidity and use cases for Genesis.

Phase 4: Future

  • Point-of-Sale Platforms & Outreach
    • Establishing, growing and fine-tuning the Genesis point-of-sale Ecosystems. After much development, testing, upgrading and auditing the systems, Genesis will begin looking towards implementing these systems to larger businesses in a mass adoption manner. Corporate partnerships will be sought.
  • Community/Masternode Voting
    • New features and guidance to new platforms will be proposed and voted on by a mix of community and masternode governance.
  • Atomic Swap/Cross-Chain Integration (Proposed)
    • As expansion of the platform and greater adoption occurs, so does the need for scalability. These development factors will become part of our great future and longevity as a blockchain currency.
  • Governance Proposal Implementations
    • Expanding Genesis payment processing systems and victorious proposals will begin setting the bar for the next phases of Genesis

Additional Development

As the Genesis team and community learns and grows, things change. In the case of Genesis, a number of other features have been integrated not captured in the initial roadmap. Hopefully as the Genesis team and community grows, we'll be able to add even more to this list

Key Contributions

  • Crypto-Social Bot
    • The bot is a ever-adapting project. It is currently used as a way to distribute funds and automated bounties in the Genesis Discord. The bot features are virtually limitless and also assist our core development team in ideas for platform integration
  • Tweety
    • Tweety shows the power of platform integration. Rewriting nearly all of the twitter API data and feeding it into the Crypto-Social bot, the team has shown how API data can be used in payment systems across different platforms

Misc. Contributions

  • Faucet
    • With over 20k payouts for over 100k $GENX being distributed (as of early November 2018), the Official Faucet is the easiest way for anyone to obtain $GENX
  • Blockchain Visualizations
    • Blockchain visualizations show again the power of the API. Utilizing Grafana and allowing gorgeous infographics, these infographics systems can be used to target audiences and used as kiosk information for conventions and summits.

Community Initiatives

So far no community development has happened. If you are a developer that wants to build something for Genesis and the Genesis Network as a community initiative, please do so and contact the team on Discord or the Official Forums.