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Please, give me some terminology

  • Genesis - Name of the blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Genesis Network - The entirety of all things Genesis. Including the blockchain, payment ecosystems, etc.
  • Genesis Official - The name for official Genesis releases. (e.g. Genesis Official QT Wallet)
  • $GENX - The ticker for the Genesis blockchain

Who is the team behind Genesis?

The Genesis Network was started by 5 members who have a range of experience in cryptocurrency and business. The team has taken their knowledge base to create what they feel is a superior project and idea compared to what is out there today. For more info about the Founders, please refer to the Team Page

When did Genesis Network start?

Idea began in 2017. Coding for Genesis started early 2018. The Genesis blockchain formally started on August 16, 2018

Genesis Blockchain Info

What hashing algorithm does $GENX use?

$GENX uses the Equihash 192.7 algorithm due to stability and security. $GENX was the first project to implement Equihash within the Bitcoin 0.16.x codebase

What is the total supply of $GENX

Total supply will be around 4.1 billion coins

Was there a premine?

No, the Genesis team did not do any form of premine. In fact, all start-up funding for the project has been paid for out of the teams own pocket. The team has done everything they could to ensure the fairest launch possible to start building the communities confidence from day 1. Genesis has had no premine, no ICO, and no form of auction. ==