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This page is currently being build as of 3/7/19

Information About Genesis Masternodes

Genesis utilizes a new approach to masternodes in order to prevent masternode dumping commonly seen with cryptocurrencies. This approach utilizes two different payments, a primary and secondary payment, in which your masternode starts with low rewards and develops into higher rewards as the masternode ages, or matures. Remaining dividends for that block are split between 20 randomized nodes throughout the network as secondary payments. Once your masternode reaches one years time activated, it will reach max maturity.

Please read how maturity based masternodes work via this Steemit post.

Genesis v3 Masternode Setup Guides

Automated Guide (Easy)

  • This guide uses an automated script for quick and efficient masternode setup everytime! Ubuntu 16.04.x/18.04.x LTS only

How to Upgrade your Automated Masternode

Manual Guide (Complex)

  • This guide lets you customize your masternode build. Made for Ubuntu 18.04, but minor changes can support different systems


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